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> Don't even get me started on smoothwall
> too late..
> Smoothwall is GPL'ed.  They (Richard fscking moral) tried to take out of
> but couldn't find a way to do so.  This was about the time he fell out
> RMS and linus.. oh and about a year later got kicked out of valinux..

As did quite a lot of people.

> From
> then, Smoothwall kinda deteriorated.  Oh, and while I'm at it, I don't
> his company Research Machines and the total crap they overcharge to
> schools.

I doubt Richard Morrell has anything to do with Research Machines - if he
does/did, I doubt he had anything to do with any charge rates to primary
schools.  Or are you just mistakenly associating the initials with each
other?  Or are you also being sarcastic?

> hmm, I did have a lot more to say, but most of it was personal attacks
> against richard moral. so I'll drop it now.

Hmmm ... Can I take this opportunity here to state that Richard has dealt
with FSF and FSFE (and is still dealing with FSF today) wrt a variety of
challenges and complaints laid towards us, and in all respects we have very
quickly cleared up any issues, or have been shown to be compliant with GPL
... I fail to see what further attacks and insults can do to forward any
SmoothWall / free software / FSFE discussion on anything resembling a
professional level ...

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