SmoothWall facts

John Peter Tapsell tapselj0 at
Thu Nov 8 17:48:19 UTC 2001

Don't even get me started on smoothwall

too late..

Smoothwall is GPL'ed.  They (Richard fscking moral) tried to take out of GPL,
but couldn't find a way to do so.  This was about the time he fell out with
RMS and linus.. oh and about a year later got kicked out of valinux..  From
then, Smoothwall kinda deteriorated.  Oh, and while I'm at it, I don't like
his company Research Machines and the total crap they overcharge to primary

hmm, I did have a lot more to say, but most of it was personal attacks
against richard moral. so I'll drop it now.



On Thursday 08 November 2001 16:29, you wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Just a few basic facts about SmoothWall ( IMHO
> those people should be more careful about licensing issues. It requires no
> expertise, just a brain and a little time to deal with them. I hope this
> list will help them fix the issues.
> 	Regarding
> 	- We are talking of a total of 4000 lines of code
> 	  counts 13000 lines, 9000 of which are files containing translated
> 	  strings.
> 	- The tar does not contain any documentation
> 	  One can probably build the ISO image extrapolating from
> 	- The licence notice is wrong since it refers to a COPYING file
> 	  that is not present in the tarball + does not mention any other
> 	  way to get the license
> 	- Lawrence Manning is the sole copyright holder of all files.
> 	Regarding the ISO image
> 	- We are talking of 6000 lines of code, mostly CGI scripts +
>           rc files.
> 	- The SmoothWall Team is the sole copyright holder of all
> 	  files.  Unless this team has a legal existence (company, non
> 	  profit), it cannot be the copyright holder.
> 	- Most of them contain an invalid copyright notice. Typically:
> #
> # SmoothWall CGIs
> #
> # This code is distributed under the terms of the GPL
> #
> # (c) The SmoothWall Team
> 	- Anyone distributing the ISO image will also distribute the
> 	  /home/httpd/html/mindtermfull.jar and be in direct violation
> 	  with the corresponding license
> 	- It contains many .gif files
> 	I'm out of fuel at this point ;-)
> 	Cheers,


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