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MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 18:21:25 UTC 2001

> You are right of course, that it does come down to the choices we make. I 
> tried to argue for making it easier for people to make the choice of using 
> free software,

I thought you were arguing for marginalising Free Software to being just
another application in the Microsoft monopoly.  It's not surprising
advocates don't want to go there.

> because as Kant already realized, few of us are actually 
> willing to accept the discomfort of acting in an enlightened way.
> So, if you intend to say that people should get enlightened, that is noble, 
> but in terms of numbers you have lost your cause, at least for the time being
> . I try to be a bit more pragmatic.

Then we should attack this on two fronts: firstly, we should reduce the
discomfort from acting in an enlightened way -- we can all help in this by
writing helpful bug reports or hacking to improve programs; secondly, we
should make people care about the benefits of the freedoms we promote by
communicating them as part of an outreach and education effort.

There's no need for pragmatism.  Personally, I see it as one of the biggest
threats to this movement.

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