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Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at
Mon Nov 5 00:39:20 UTC 2001

I read something like that in Tasty Bits From the Technology Front 
(, I think). They were concerned on privacy issues. 

What is you (or somebody in your company) has the habbit of 
making a copy of a previously written document, erasing the 
contents and writing a new document on that copy, so that they 
repeat the look of the documetn without using templates or so?.

Now what if the original document is more or less confidential 
like a customer's list, an offer to a customer, etc. and gets 
used as the basis of a document that is sent to someone who shouldn't 
read it, and although the person sending it thinks he or she 
erased the confidential info, it is still there and the recipient 
can see it either by inspecting the file with an hex editor or 
simply by coincidence when opening it in some other software ?. 

I was told of a similar case in which by undoing changes the recipient 
could revive the history of comments people in the originating
company had made to the drafts (they put the comments as text in the
draft and erased them later, but they were still in the undo log).
This case was only fun, but yes, the possibility is frigthtening. 

I guess it's the eternal snake oil of promising people they'll get to 
do complex things without thinking about them. 

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