White T-shirts, pins, perhaps bags and badges (was: How many and which colour?)

Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Thu May 31 16:05:48 UTC 2001

Hello once again,

I wrote:
> * Key chains with coins (Euro-sized) [...]
> * Pins. [...]
> * [...] baseball caps.
> * [...] cotton bags.
> Do we want them? How many?

Current plan:

  * 500-1000 white T-shirts. (You have convinced me that black ones
    will not look good with "Gnu and Europa" on them.)
    190g fabric. (The T-shirts of the FSF USA only have 180g.;-)
    Front side: "Gnu and Europa" with the latin motto around it.
    Back side: Some text (the four freedoms?) and the official FSFE logo.
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL in some reasonable relation.

  * 1000 Pins with "A Gnu Head", 20-25mm diameter.
  * Cotton bags, natural color, "Gnu and Europa" on one side,
    combined with some text and the official FSFE logo.

  * Badges (buttons). 3cm or 6cm diameter.
    Can we sell them? For what price?

No key chains with coins yet. They cost as much as the T-shirts, and
I do not expect them to sell equally well. No baseball caps yet.

Further suggestions / comments / bug reports / protests?


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