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Olivier Berger oberger at april.org
Wed May 30 22:14:57 UTC 2001

I read the following post on foundation-list at gnome.org...

Just to know... is there a similar plan a LinuxTag to better promote
GNOME... is it related to FSFE's activities ?

"Bradley M. Kuhn" a écrit :
> Hello, GNOMErs.
> As you may know, I, Bob Chassell, and Lisa M. Goldstein (the new FSF
> Business Manager) have taken over the various different aspects of
> conference and tradeshow planning for the Free Software Foundation.
> Earlier this month, we reserved a GNOME booth next to the FSF booth for
> USENIX in Boston, which is from 25 June until 30 June 2001.  These booths
> were donated by USENIX.
> We have a number of people available to staff the booths who will be able
> to talk about the issues of software freedom.  What we could really use
> from GNOME is a good hacker who can demonstrate GNOME well, and can talk
> about some of the technical details of GNOME.  We could also use help with
> set up and break down of the booths themselves.
> I know there are many GNOME hackers here in Boston, so perhaps one of you
> could come to the event.  Please write to <tradeshow-planning at gnu.org> for
> the details.
>    -- bkuhn
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