fsfe booth at linuxtag 2001

Matthias Borges emhabe at web.de
Mon May 28 20:23:40 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

as you know the fsfe will have a booth at LinuxTag in July.
Five and a half weeks from now and its time to go in detail.

LinuxTag, Stuttgart from 05.07. - 08.07.2001

Its planned to have three people permanently on the booth. Right now we have
five volunteers - and we need your help...
Thursday and Friday are (surprise) difficult to manned, and i want it as
stressless as it could be (25000 visitors...).

If your willing to help contact me: emhabe at web.de

With the logo etc finished we will build some basic items for this and other
        A large sign with the fsfe characters and logo (robust, light and
easy to assemble ;-)

        A collection of infosheets. A short historyline, fsf -why fsfe,
goals, important problems etc (IMHO its better then a whole in one thing

        Maybe a simple display for the shirts and the other goodies ( not
for the big money only to gave back the lend money asap).

Location and size (<20qm) of the booth are not assigned, but we see...
Its planned to have two computers to demonstrate all about Murphys law.

Comments, hints, suggestions, questions - feel free and mail me...


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