The Community is the Company

João Miguel Neves jneves at
Sun May 27 00:15:54 UTC 2001

On 26 May 2001 18:35:27 -0400, TonStanco at wrote:
> > My problem is that the company, as described now, goes against the 4
> > freedoms. It assumes that the company acts as the only distribution
> > channel. I don't believe this can happen, even looking at it as a
> > nation.
> I have worked with RMS on the CommCo. He supports it. He thinks it is a noble 
> experiment. It does not goes against the 4 freedoms of the GPL. 
I am really missing, because until now I understood that FSMC will pay
developers to develop free software that FSMC will be the single point
of distribution.

For me this means that, effectively, developers will be trading their
"freedom to make copies for others" for a salary. What am I missing ?
						Joao Miguel Neves

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