Which version of "Gnu and Europa"? (was: T-Shirt)

Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Sat May 26 15:15:09 UTC 2001

Anja Gerwinski wrote:
> As the "Gnu and Europa" motive is not going to be a logo, leaving out
> details is no longer the primary issue. I collected the three versions
> you already know along with a couple of variations on one of them and
> links to actual gnu images on the following page:
>   http://agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de/~anja/gnu/lineart/

Most funnyly, I like the first draft (1a) best. This gnu looks
strong and wild, not willing to eat the same non-free grass everyone
else is satified with, and it makes a nice contrast to the lovely
princess Europa. :)

The version without the eyes (2a) looks a little unfriendly for me.

The gnus in (3[a-d]) have too few details to be interesting on a
T-shirt, IMHO.

The gnus in (3[ef]) seem somewhat too philosophical to me. It
looks as if the gnu was thinking about freedom, licensing etc.
(see http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/), not if it was running in
order to bring princess Europa to a place where all software is

Just my two centiEuro,


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