How many and which colour? (was: How many?)

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Sat May 26 15:02:22 UTC 2001

Hello again,

I wrote:
> >   * T-shirts.
> How many of them do we want in which sizes?
> >   * Key chains with coins (Euro-sized) [...]
> >   * Pins. [...]
> Do we want them? How many?
> >   * Anything missing? [...]
> I got the suggestion to make baseball caps.

And cotton bags.

> Do we want them? How many?

I have never sold T-shirts before (or key chains, pins, baseball
caps for that matter) and have no idea which sizes sell best. There
seems to me a trend towards L/XL/XXL, but there were also requests
for M (my size), S/XS/XXS.

My first estimate would be to order

     7n XXL
    10n XL
    10n L
     7n M
     5n S
     1n XS
     1n XXS

     2n key chains with coin
    30n pins
     7n baseball caps
    15n cotton bags

for a suitable value of n > 0.

But I may be completely wrong.

Also, I asked friends about what colour they would prefer for their
T-shirts, and there was a strong tendency towards black. What do you

Is the following what we want?

  - Black T-shirt
  - 180g fabric
  - A large, white circle on it
  - "Europa riding a gnu" in the circle
  - Other stuff (yet to be determined) on the T-shirt is
    in white colour (on black fabric)

Also, we still need a final shape for "Europa riging a gnu". But
that's another thread.

I expect to get an offer on Monday, so prices can be fixed and
orders can go out next week and we will have all the stuff in time
for Linux-Tag in July. :)



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