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Sat May 26 14:37:48 UTC 2001

TonStanco at writes:

 > Because of the freedoms given by GPL, there is a problem that
 > competing GPL marketing entities will compete themselves to death,
 > since they could always take the code (that they don't pay to
 > develop) and sell for near zero cost that doesn't recoup the
 > development cost.

	I think I'm missing a point here. What would the other
marketing entities sell for "near zero cost" ? I see nothing in the
Free Software that can be sold for near zero cost. If the marketing
entity sells boxes (Debian distribution for instance) including
software they did not pay to develop, they still have to pay for
making the packaging and it's not "near zero cost". In short I have
trouble to see why competing marketing entities could not survive.
Sure, they will compete but what's wrong with that ? Can you explain ?


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