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Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Wed May 23 10:09:26 UTC 2001

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> I am critical of the "free T-shirt" text idea.
> [...]

Sime time ago, the FSF USA suggested to photocopy their T-shirts.
I think that this metaphor can in fact help people to understand how
Free Software works.

> (Well if you are really crazy you can take my explainatory text,
> edit it until it is understandable and add it under 
> the "This is a free T-shirt" slogan on the T-shirt...... )

Well, I _am_ really crazy, so this would be an option.

Another idea:

  - Front side: Europa riding a gnu;
    "Support Free Software in Europe";

  - Back side: Europa riding a gnu from behind
    (Europa's hair, the gnu's tail);
    the text in mirrored letters.



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