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Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Wed May 23 09:41:31 UTC 2001

Hi everyone,

 || On Wed, 23 May 2001 03:08:26 +0200
 || Peter Gerwinski <peter at gerwinski.de> wrote: 

 pg>   * T-shirts. On the other side can be a text "This T-shirt is a
 pg>   free T-shirt. You can copy it and/or modify it under the terms
 pg>   of the GNU General Public License ...".

I think a good start would be a t-shirt with the logo on the front
(small, printed in upper left quarter) and Anjas motive on the back. 

 pg>     Other ideas? Special wishes for the T-shirts? Anyone who
 pg>     prefers polo shirts?

We might consider doing some polo shirts. But t-shirts should probably
be our first priority.

 pg>   * Key chains with coins (Euro-sized) which can be used in
 pg>   supermarked trolleys and such. They will cost about as much as
 pg>   the T-shirts, but they are of a high quality - engraved metal,
 pg>   not printed plastic - see
 pg>   http://adele.gerwinski.de/~peter/coin-20010522/ .

Is there a demand for this? How many peoople would like to have such
an item?

 pg>   * Pins. These can display the famous "A gnu head" graphics (or
 pg>   something else?) and serve as pendants of the ubiquitous Tux
 pg>   Pins.

Pins are a great idea. 

I have always considered doing them for the "Brave GNU World" logo,
because it is almost perfect for it. I'd be happy to see the FSF
Europe raise funds with them. .-)

Even though it helps that Peter will finance the first investment
needed to get things started, we really need to find a good way to
deal with this on a resonably big scale, I think.

The FSF Europe needs to maintain a permanent supply of all items to be
able to supply them for tradeshows and conferences... the central
point for this will be the office in Essen.

Also we should make it easier for people to simply order small
quantities of the FSF(E) merchandise. A perfect solution would be an
online form where people simply enter what they want and have it
delivered by mail.

Of course this requires dealing with the money transfers and

So there are essentially two problems that need to be solved:

 a) We need a place that can print reasonably large quantities of
 t-shirts with a good quality (I think it is important they are as
 good as the U.S. ones) and deliver them to Essen. For this we should
 probably start gathering possibilities... I know Emma has already
 offered helping with this. Are there others who have good contacts to
 places doing such things?

 b) We need to set up a good way to make it easy for people to get the
 things outside of tradeshows. Is there anyone here who has experience
 with such things and/or would be able to help?

Input on these matters would be greatly appreciated.


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