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Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Wed May 23 01:08:26 UTC 2001

Hello, friends of Free Software in Europe,

I herewith offer to create T-shirts and other merchandising articles
with the "Europa riding a gnu" graphics - if possible, before the

  * T-shirts. On the other side can be a text "This T-shirt is a
    free T-shirt. You can copy it and/or modify it under the terms
    of the GNU General Public License ...".

    Other ideas? Special wishes for the T-shirts? Anyone who prefers
    polo shirts?

  * Key chains with coins (Euro-sized) which can be used in supermarked
    trolleys and such. They will cost about as much as the T-shirts, but
    they are of a high quality - engraved metal, not printed plastic -
    see http://adele.gerwinski.de/~peter/coin-20010522/ .

    The other side of the coin can display, for instance, the value
    "1 European GNU".
    Other ideas?

  * Badgets. I am going to get a machine to produce them. If someone
    who is located near Essen (Germany) wants to help, we can produce
    them at a very reasonable price. :-)

  * Pins. These can display the famous "A gnu head" graphics
    (or something else?) and serve as pendants of the ubiquitous
    Tux Pins.

  * Anything missing? Anything which will not sell in your opinion?

I will do this for cost price, and I am going to advance the initial
investment from my private money. When we sell these articles, the
profit will be donated to the FSFE.


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