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On Tue, 22 May 2001 20:13:17 +0200
"WDS" <wdesmet at yucom.be> wrote:

WDS> Hi,
WDS> > Olivier Berger wrote:
WDS> > >
WDS> > > This solves the problem of  system adminsitration, but not of the
WDS> > > educational applications, that teachers and students really need.
WDS> >
WDS> > Well, at my sister's school they currently have a WinNT server with
WDS> > Win98 on all the boxes. They use MS Office for most things, and Visual
WDS> > BASIC for teaching programming. I believe the art and music departments
WDS> > have specialist programs too.

WDS> Maybe we should first concentrate on propagating GNU/linux in that way that
WDS> at least some of the pc's have it installed? Telling someone to switch a few
WDS> pc's to "try it out" and give students the chance to use it, instead of the
WDS> entire computer class. In my experience, after that GNU/Linux sells itself.
WDS> ;)

This is exaclty one thing to be done.
Using Python+Glade+Gnome is a very good solution


1. there is a lack of documentation, we start to reference
and write relative doc for that (http://www.ofset.org/projects/doc/doc.html)

2. there is some GPL compatibility problem with Python > 1.6 license and the GPL
(however there is hope this will be fixed soon)


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