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Christian Selig christian at newopenness.de
Tue May 22 10:23:37 UTC 2001

Frank de Lange wrote:
> But it is not the task of schools to learn students the latest 'tricks', is it?
> They are there to give them insight into the subject matter, and teach them how
> to find their way in new and unknown systems (and situations and problems and
> ...). You do not learn to read from a glossy brochure, nor do you learn to
> write by writing cease-and-desist letters, even though these may all be
> activities which are somewhat relevant to 'real life' (unfortunately).
> So using GNU/Linux (or BSD or any other open system, it is the openness which
> counts here) for teaching purposes actually fits the bill much better than
> using a closed system. In my, not so humble, opinion...

Okay, this is the whole point. Teach concepts, not programs. I've been
preaching this for two years. But those people who think they're
"teaching" when they show their pupils how to slap together some
Powerpoint foils just don't get it (yet). "Tell an idiot that he's an
idiot, he won't believe you" ... :-/

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