Free Software in Education - Next Steps

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Tue May 22 20:08:48 UTC 2001

And "Georg C. F. Greve" <greve at> gave word to the following

>The roadmap to this as we see it right now would be to first gather as
>many initiatives active in this field and then get a round table (or
>even a conference) organized where all the activists can meet and talk
>to each other.
>This meeting can be used to share experiences in the field and to
>plan concrete strategies to propagate Free Software in the educational
>In order to make the first step, a mailing list 
>  <edu at>
>has been created that you can subscribe to using the web form at 

IMHO, this is a very important step by now, and it wasn't taken any minute
too soon. Already subscribed, hope this list will be very vital since I
think that, having more influence in educational field is one of the most
*major* goals the free software movement should aim for. Hope for a very
productive work on this. :


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