Free Software in Education - Next Steps

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Tue May 22 14:02:57 UTC 2001

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                Free Software in Education - Next Steps
                                         -- Georg Greve

Hi everyone,

as announced a few weeks ago, the Free Software Foundation Europe will
help coordinate and strengthen intiatives to propagate Free Software
in and around the educational sector in Europe.

The roadmap to this as we see it right now would be to first gather as
many initiatives active in this field and then get a round table (or
even a conference) organized where all the activists can meet and talk
to each other.

This meeting can be used to share experiences in the field and to
plan concrete strategies to propagate Free Software in the educational

In order to make the first step, a mailing list 

  <edu at>

has been created that you can subscribe to using the web form at

or by sending e-mail to <edu-request at> with "subscribe"
(without quotes) as the subject.

This list will be administrated by Hilaire Fernandes of Ofset, an
associate organization of the FSF Europe.

We hope that many people will join in order to make a real difference
for Free Software in education.


Georg Greve
FSF Europe, President

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