Update of Software Patents Agenda

Francois PELLEGRINI pelegrin at labri.u-bordeaux.fr
Mon May 21 11:30:10 UTC 2001

Hello all,

loic at gnu.org wrote:
>         I also realize that the history timeline misses an important
> document : the one in which the European Commission says that there
> should not be software patents. Does such a document exist ? Can
> someone provide reference to it ? How is it named ? I guess it's dated
> before 1973. Or maybe it's implied by another document where the
> European Commission approves the 1973 EPC ? Or the revisde 1991 EPC ?
> Please enlight me ;-)

Easy :


You will note that the wording of Article 52 keeps the exclusion
of patentability for computer programmes, while version 2 of this


explicitely removes it...



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