FSFE projects [was: T-shirts]

Olivier Berger oberger at april.org
Mon May 21 22:48:33 UTC 2001

Alessandro Rubini a écrit :
> There are very good groups of people working on the topic of free
> software in education (and yes, there are also a lot of bad
> initiatives out there, in Italy I've seen examples of both). Everyone
> would benefit if we help coordinating existing initiatives.
> Disclaimer: I may have misrepresented the fine details of very
> well-thought and well-formulated ideas. My point here is that there
> are good resources and great documents that need more support
> (translation, visibility etc).

Those interested would have a look at http://libresoftware-educ.org/en/
(French and Italian pages available), for instance, which tried to
coordinate efforts in promoting FS in the field of education during
several days in the begining of this year.

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