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> > >Invite some teachers and _discuss_ the use of free software
> > Good idea, but most teachers are (as far as I know) educated at a
> > level. And usually support for school ICT projects (at least here in
> > Belgium) is very dependent on corporate sponsoring. IMHO, we should try
> > lobby the countries and not influence the teachers, who represent the
> > mass.
> I don't know how it is in other countries but I don't think that someone
> can force the teachers to use windows. - If a school switches a computer
> lab to linux, so what? If they use linux instead of windows for
> wordprocessing or editing source, who cares?
> As I said, I don't know how this is handled in other countries.
Yes, the government doesn't control which system they run, but they do
control the promotion of it. As is said in a later post. Further on, they
control the way teachers are educated. If you, as a teacher, had spent 6
months of night school to learn windows (not very likely, but there are
strange people out there), then I guess you would habe a *big* problem with
suddenly switching to free software. Maybe that's a more accurate
description of my initial point.


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