RfD: FSFe-education [FSFE projects]

Gerhard Poul gpoul at gnu.org
Mon May 21 15:09:27 UTC 2001

> > I know. - I also often say that free software is _easy_ to use.  But the
> > reality is something completely different.
> Really? Look at the next generation of proprietary OSes, especially W2k:
> I cannot see in which ways they are "easier" than GNU/Linux. They are as
> complex as GNU/Linux.

Well, when looking at proprietary OSes I have to look at the various kinds
of them:

W2K - Gets more and more complex; I don't know more about it. 
I don't think I'd be able to admin a NT box without reading books.

MacOSX - Is distributed with Apache right out of the box and seems
to be very easy to install and maintain without unix knowledge.
(It is mach based. - all unix utils run if they don't require

Solaris - As complex as Linux. More commercial support in europe IMHO and
comes with good documentation. The interfaces are much more stable
than the ones in Linux.

Linux - Nice, good. - _HARD_ to upgrade; not that well documented.

About me: I'm using Linux and I'm helping the free software field if I
can but I used W2K on my laptop during various projects (not really
useable!). I've also used Linux in a commercial ISP environment.
With Linux you have to be _very_ careful when upgrading.

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