RfD: FSFe-education [FSFE projects]

Christian Selig christian at newopenness.de
Sun May 20 22:09:50 UTC 2001


Gerhard Poul wrote:
> > Maybe fsfe should do the same. For example distribute [easy-install]copies
> > of linux to schools etc.
> I think you miss the whole point here. - What should be the top-priority
> for teachers? -> teaching students (!)


> An easy-install copy of linux is worth _nothing_ if they have to
> read thousands of pages to even maintain it.


> I know. - I also often say that free software is _easy_ to use.  But the
> reality is something completely different.

Really? Look at the next generation of proprietary OSes, especially W2k:
I cannot see in which ways they are "easier" than GNU/Linux. They are as
complex as GNU/Linux.

> I know of a school with a full-time systems administrator and he needs
> the help of some enthusiastic students to keep up with the work.
> Now, many schools don't have this luxury of a dedicated sysadmin.

In Europe, *most* schools don't have more than 20 computers. But you
could create pools, i.e. one sysadmin for 10 schools.

> If it is _harder_ and _costs_ more money to maintain GNU/Linux it will
> not be used and the copies you sent them are _wasted_.


> [Application/Education Service Providing]

Well, if you can meet the requirements of the FSF (free software),
that'd be interesting. But I don't think that the FSFe can help with
servers and stuff.


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