de.comp.gnu newsgroup: deletion RfD

Gerhard Poul gpoul at
Mon May 21 11:16:47 UTC 2001

> It is not in the german news hiechary. :)
> This mean it is no carries on all news servers.

de.* is also not carried on _all_ news servers. - I think we should know
what we want to achieve.

If it is a discussion forum in german for GNU software then do that
in de.comp.gnu.

If we want to cross-post this discussion (I think this makes sense) in a 
newsgroup I would choose soemthing like gnu.fsfe.discuss or

It is not important if everyone carries these hierarchies. It is important
that most do. :-)

AFAIK at least all major ISPs and news servers in Austria seem to feed
gnu.* - I don't expect this to be different in other countries.

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