K5: 'Is Richard Stallman's Fight For "GNU/Linux" Suicide?'

Stefan Meretz stefan.meretz at hbv.org
Mon May 21 09:40:07 UTC 2001

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> b) Software can be proprietory or free.
> c) Work can be done volenteeringly or for money.
> (...)
> We will always tell people that they do have the freedom to try and
> make as much money as they want with Free Software.
> We also will tell them that we will fight for the freedom to work
> on Free Software without money involved.
> The FSFE will not answer the c) question for you.

Ok, thank you. For me it is clear. Then just be careful giving either
this or this signal to public. You can not escape from the freedom/price
misunderstanding by stressing "make as much money...".


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