Anja Gerwinski anja at 44615166.theo-phys.uni-essen.de
Mon May 21 01:04:29 UTC 2001

Hello, everyone,

Georg C. F. Greve wrote on May 17, 2001 at 11:51AM +0200:
> Therefore the FSF Europe will hire Anja to do a vector-based version
> of it that is suitable for a t-shirt. 

I appreciate this as a sign of good will. However, I am going to
donate it to the FSFE and to everyone who wants to support Free
Software in Europe. The vector version will be published under a
GPL-style licence, so you can either wear an "official" FSFE t-shirt
or print your own (allowing for individual size / color / style /

As the "Gnu and Europa" motive is not going to be a logo, leaving out
details is no longer the primary issue. I collected the three versions
you already know along with a couple of variations on one of them and
links to actual gnu images on the following page:


Please let me know which image you prefer (or combinations of them). 
I will try to incorporate your preferences into the final version.

Best wishes,


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