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Anja Gerwinski anja at 44615166.theo-phys.uni-essen.de
Mon May 21 01:02:38 UTC 2001

Hi Kim and all!

Kim Bruning wrote on May 17, 2001 at 09:18PM +0200:
> I think it might be cool to not have one logo, but a set of interrelated
> logos, which one could rotate through. SInce they might all have areas of
> similarity, they would still be recognisable as the FSFE logo, but they'd
> change each time.  I like the way Googles logo changes you see.

I think I know what you mean: I like it that every Gimp release comes
with a new splash screen. IMO the FSFE site should have some
interesting graphics but I don't think it should have a rotating logo.
In fact, the FSFE core team eventually ought to agree on a logo. 

> Here's another nice reason: Due to the fact that the logo changes would
> around a lot, depending on the time of day, the season, what's happening
> and last but not least the phase of the moon ... ummm .. I think a lot of
> noisy people who complain about logos would be less noisy, and a lot of
> creative people who like creating logos would be like... creative you know
> :-)

I would be glad if more people submitted graphics. The FSFE web site
could well use a few more graphics IMO. 

As for me, I didn't create that many logo suggestions because I was
particularly keen on it or I had nothing else to do. I spent so much
time on it because I want the FSFE to have a good logo.

My reasons to help are:

1) The FSFE's stated goals coincide largely with mine, therefore if
   FSFE is successful, the outcome will be good for me as a hacker
   (Free Software remaining legal, becoming more recognized, etc.).

2) As a matter of fact, the name "FSF(E)" stands for Free Software. If
   FSFE messes up, it will seriously hurt the FSF and thus, Free
   Software as a whole.

My current motivation is 2) rather than 1), but I hope this will
> Peace,  Love, GNU!




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