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Sun May 20 22:55:59 UTC 2001

On Sun, 20 May 2001 21:38:23 +0200
"WDS" <wdesmet at yucom.be> wrote:

WDS> >Invite some teachers and _discuss_ the use of free software
WDS> Good idea, but most teachers are (as far as I know) educated at a federal
WDS> level. And usually support for school ICT projects (at least here in
WDS> Belgium) is very dependent on corporate sponsoring. IMHO, we should try to
WDS> lobby the countries and not influence the teachers, who represent the blind
WDS> mass.

I do not agree. What is lacking in the education community (teacher)
is a strong hacker community.
If there is no hacker community in the education there is few free
edu software developped. 

What we can do is to help to build such a community. Writing documentation
targeted to these people can help -- without waranty of any success.
Explaining the GNU philosophy is also important probably

This is what I have started since one year, writing tutorial to develop
application using Python/Gnome/Glade.  I am not personnaly very
interested in Python programming but this is a good language
to start developping but we *lack* good documentation
to attract people.

Pyhton is probably the easiest
entry point although there is probably other possibilities.


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