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Christian Selig christian at newopenness.de
Wed May 16 12:37:53 UTC 2001


Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> There is no point in having free software if no one knows how to use
> it. I think we should make some efforts leading to:
>  - Developing free software to be used as a tool in any level of
>    education: primaire, high school, supérieur.
>  - Promoting the teaching of free software use. It can't be widely
>    used if there's no widely spread knowledge on how to use it.
>  - Increase the general exposure of the next generations to free
>    software. Let them all, not just geeks, know it exists, and they
>    have enormous benefits to reap from it.

Film at 11.

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[FSFE PR][EN] "Free Software Foundation Europe aiming for more
coordination between Free
Software Developers." 

Georg C. F. Greve press at fsfeurope.org 
07 May 2001 20:06:23 +0200 


The Foundation will also further Free Software in the educational
sector where it will seek to coordinate and strengthen efforts 
by organizations and individuals dedicated to that task. 


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Okay, so the goal is clear: Free software for education. 
You have mentioned three points:
- The first was the creation of general purpose applications for
education. OFSET is doing some. 
- The second point is "promotion". Could you specify what you mean with
- The third is exposure of students to free software. I think this is
conclusion of our actions, not an action itself.

Who would be interested in a FSFe education working group? What should
be its goals? How could these goals be reached?
If there are enough people willing to participate, I propose a separate
mailing list. 


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