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 jd> greve at said:

 >> but I believe we should push the ideal that Linux can exist with
 >> diversity in software licensing: Some GPL, some BSD, some
 >> commercial and closed, and some between the two extremes.

There appears to have been a quoting mistake. I did not say this.

 jd> So why do we even consider having a logo with the Gnu horns on
 jd> it?  I see a contradiction here.

Personally I think we should *not* have a logo with the GNU motive in
it. In my discussion with Anja I told her this, but of course she's
entirely free to make any suggestion she feels like making.

 jd> Personally, I tend to agree with Georg and want to see the FSFE
 jd> supporting all forms of free software licensing, however I would
 jd> like to see the GNU world properly acknowledged for their great
 jd> contribution as well.

The FSFE will (just like the FSF) continue promoting the GNU-Project
and its licenses because we feel they are the best licenses available
at the moment. We'll also be working on them to make sure they remain
the best licenses available. :)

The GNU-Project is a project of the FSF(E) and not the other way
round. The FSF always followed a broader approach and tried to do
fundamental work on the philosophy, structure and idea of Free
Software; I believe the FSFE should do the same.

Therefore we need to avoid narrowing down the FSF(E) to the
GNU-Project by chosing a GNU motive for the logo.

 jd> There seem to be some more and some less radical positions on
 jd> this mailing list with respect to the economical aspects of
 jd> software, some even seem to want to go beyond the GPL and to
 jd> restrict or prohibit commercial distribution of free software. 

The funny thing is that if you restricted commercial use, a software
would immediately become non-free, because you lose the freedom to use
for any purpose and you'd lose the freedom to decide how, whether and
under which conditions you share your software.

Each of them alone would be more than enough to violate the Free
Software definition.


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