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Fri May 18 09:17:03 UTC 2001


	I hope to open the software patent section of FSF Europe today.
It will contain :

	- A one page introduction explaining the current situation
	  (still waiting for feedback from EuroLinux to publish it
	   on their pages)
	- A history timeline
	  (same as http://petition.eurolinux.org/reference/agenda/)
	- A "how to get involved" page
	  (not done yet)

	All this done in close cooperation with members of the EuroLinux

	I've been talking and reading a lot during the past week to
find out what's happening and what should be done. It was a
surprisingly hard process. People who know don't have time to write it
down, people who remember things can't point to a reference, the
web sites are working tools and of little help for the newbie.

	My questions were simple:

	What's the situation ? What happened ? What should be done ? 

	I wrote two documents above to answer the first two questions
and I'll write the third one in the weeks to come. For the future I
think I'll continue to be the software patents newbie of the FSF
Europe. At some point it's possible that I won't be able to play this
role but for the time being it seems an important and useful one.

	Take care,

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