Simo Sorce simo.sorce at tiscalinet.it
Thu May 17 19:17:00 UTC 2001

"Georg C. F. Greve" wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> a lot of people on this list want to have a t-shirt with Anjas work of
> "Europa on the GNU." So does the core team.
> Anja and I have been talking on the phone about several issues last
> Friday and she agreed to do it.
> Therefore the FSF Europe will hire Anja to do a vector-based version
> of it that is suitable for a t-shirt. This t-shirt will be the first
> FSF Europe item. Hopefully many more will follow.
> Regards,
>                 Georg

May they be available in time for LinuxExpo at Milan in June (6-7)?

Simo Sorce
Linux IS user friendly, it is just selective about who his friends are.

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