logo, but not a turtle in sight? ;-)

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at bruning.demon.nl
Thu May 17 19:18:47 UTC 2001

I think it might be cool to not have one logo, but a set of interrelated
logos, which one could rotate through. SInce they might all have areas of
similarity, they would still be recognisable as the FSFE logo, but they'd
change each time.  I like the way Googles logo changes you see.

Here's another nice reason: Due to the fact that the logo changes would
around a lot, depending on the time of day, the season, what's happening
and last but not least the phase of the moon ... ummm .. I think a lot of
noisy people who complain about logos would be less noisy, and a lot of
creative people who like creating logos would be like... creative you know

read you soon,
	Kim  Bruning

Peace,  Love, GNU!
(Silly IBM)

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