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Olivier Berger oberger at
Wed May 16 22:38:53 UTC 2001

Frank de Lange a écrit :
> On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 11:14:27PM +0200, Henrion Benjamin wrote:
> > > The system would ideally consist in a web site with a database of each
> > > developer's last known location (and status / ways he can be joined,
> > > etc.), and a graphical representation system. This system could be
> > > implemented by providing ways for developers to enter latitude and
> > > longitude coordinates in a form (which they could get from public web
> > > sites converting city to coordinates... any available ?). It would
> > > then give the user access to maps of earth/continent/countries,
> >
> > Lists of coordinates exists, I've one in a series of Atlas on paper, but
> > not in text or db format. If someone knows (Bernard?)...
> There is a nice system which does mapping from IP to geo coordinates: netgeo.

Well IP to coordinates is fine... but, I don't think that this kind of
tool can be helpful (reliable) because internet network-location (IP)
might not represent physical location (VPNs, multinational ISPs, etc.).
I'd prefer a manually (kinda) updated database...

Anyway IP adresses can be used automatically if no other manual input
was submitted from some time ? ...

All this makes me think that the system would have to know the default
location of a developper, so that he/she updates the DB when going on
vacation / to a conference for some time and doesn't have to update it
when back home... the system would go back to normal location if not
receiving any new input in some delay...

Does it make sense ? ... too off-topic ? ... time to create a project on
savannah ? ;)
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