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Wed May 16 17:57:23 UTC 2001


I wrote:
> Information wants to be free.

I still think that this points to the right direction.

I have the following vision:

  * We have computers and the Internet. Information can be copied
    and spread at minimal costs.

  * The legal structures we are confronted with (copyright law, etc.
    - "intellectual property") are still the old ones which have
    been appropriate in the world of the past.

  * Free Software is the new structure which is appropriate for the
    world we have today.

  * Those who ignore the new structure (by "protecting" their
    information against "illegal" copying - see DeCSS for an
    example) will be wiped away sooner or later, because the old
    structure is against the nature of the new world.

  * Those who understand the new structure (= Free Software) can
    benefit from it.

If we find a slogan that expresses all this in a few words, I think
that it can attract the attention of many people to our information
material who would perhaps otherwise think "Free Software? That's
not for me."

Just my 2 Centieuro,


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