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Wed May 16 08:45:56 UTC 2001

>  || On Wed, 16 May 2001 08:45:16 +0100
>  || "Jaime E . Villate" <villate at> wrote:=20
>  >> My personal opinion: I do not understand this slogan, and I would
>  >> like to replace it by something entirely different.
>  jev> ...
>  jev> Keep in mind that we are not discussing what the slogan should
>  jev> say, but just the correct way of saying what is currently trying
>  jev> to say.
> I would like to agree with Peter. We need a better slogan for the web
> site.=20
> get rid of the "consciousness of software" one as soon as possible
> since it sounds very much like the raised finger and is likely to turn
> people away that don't know about Free Software already. It was never
> intended as the final solution, however.
> So we are looking for a simple to understand slogan that won't turn
> people away because it raises the moral finger and that expresses an
> important aspect of Free Software.

> Does anyone have a good idea?

ofcourse ;-):
FSFE, software for the fun of making it.
FSFE, isn't it fun to give?
FSFE, we don't need your money, we just need your need.
FSFE, what's the fun if you can't give it away!
FSFE, for the hackers from the hackers.
FSFE, free software now also with free beer!
FSFE, the fun is in the giving.
FSFE, software for the taking...!
FSFE, economy? naaahhh, we don't need no stinking economy!

I'm absolutely certain you find one you like...not?


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