Press menu update on EuroLinux

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Tue May 15 10:38:02 UTC 2001


	With a hint from Stephane Fermigier I found where the update
should be done so that the press menu displays the three most recent
press releases
( but
I don't have permission to change it. Here it is:

<br><font color="#000000">22/11/2000</font>
<br>  <a href="pr8.html"><font color="#000000">HTML</font></A> <a href="pr8.pdf"><font color="#000000">PDF</font></a>

<br><font color="#000000">22/11/2000</font>
<br>  <a href="pr9.html"><font color="#000000">HTML</font></A> <a href="pr9.pdf"><font color="#000000">PDF</font></a>

<br><font color="#000000">25/03/2001</font>
<br>  <a href="pr10.html"><font color="#000000">HTML</font></A> <a href="pr10.pdf"><font color="#000000">PDF</font></a>


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