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Mon May 14 20:41:53 UTC 2001

> 	Ok. I'll try to ask for help to a Zope guru just to make
> sure. I found that Zope implements XML-RPC that may help in that
> respect.


> 	I had no intention to build another web site, rather to have another
> domain with a different layout that does not make it so obvious that the
> driving force is Free Software. My work is to provide/update content in
> and build a different menu/layout to display it.
> 	Do you think this can be done with ? For
> instance, is it possible to have a layout that shows when coming from
> and another one when coming from ? already works fine.  It points to the same website.

> 	One problem with the fight against software patents is the
> fact that people assimilate this to the Free Sofware and the Open
> Source movements and that it weakens its efficiency. Having a domain
> that does not refer to EuroLinux/AFUL/FFII/APRIL/SSLUG etc. in such
> a proeminent way but has the same content appeared to me as a good and
> easy way to achieve that. Can you think of another ?
>  > One thing that is really needed at the moment is an assessment of the
>  > EU consultation replies.  Having those well described and overseeable,
>  > pressing the EU commission to publish them and getting the original
>  > authors to send us text versions (non-pdf) would really make a difference.
> 	I added a task for this purpose at
> 	I realize this is an important task but it's currently beyond my
> abilities. I'm trying to find out what's happening and what has been done,
> hence the agenda :-)
> 	One thing that would help me improve the agenda : did the EU
> responded in any way to the consultation and when ?

No response at all.

Only some internal meetings in which they told patent policy makers of EU
member states that all large associations that represent the bulk of the
European software industry are pro patent and that therefore the EC will
have to draft a pro patent directive -- and other bs, see

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