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Tom E. Turner tom at
Sun May 13 21:10:35 UTC 2001

   Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 16:31:59 +0200

   Tom E. Turner writes:
    > How about doing  mirror on 
    > The League for Programming Freedom 
    > web site at

           That would be an idea. I'm concerned by the fact that lpf is
   bound to Free Software. There is no point mirroring information other
   than doing it in such a way that it's not linked to Free Software. 
   I'm under the impression that the lpf is very much associated to the
   Free Software movement. Am I wrong ? 

The League for Programming Freedom was founded in 1989 to fight Apple and 
Lotus "look and feel" software user-interface patents.  Legally the LPF is 
independent from the FSF and GNU.  See

I am moving the site to a faster IBM PC soon and
will search and build a list-of-links such as...

Google's at
And Bitlaw's at
And other's at

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