Free Software UK (Was: On the structure of the FSF Europe)

MJ Ray markj at
Sun May 13 17:46:50 UTC 2001

Alex Hudson <home at> writes:

> .. and then you go on to agree that it is democratic.. hmm :)

I wasn't complaining that it was undemocratic, but merely that it was
logical from some of the points stated to reach the conclusion that it
is both secretive and undemocratic, regardless of the reality.  Seeing
as FSFE is supposed to lobby, it needs to learn to present things
better.  If it can't even preach to the choir, what hope is there?

> [...] In the UK, there is _no_ Free Software
> organisation, full stop. There is the UKUUG (which includes propreitry
> Unixes), the LUGs (which include open source and/or BSD software), and
> that's about it. This means we have no UK chapter of the FSFE currently, and
> no associate organisation. There is no (AFAIK) uk discussion list
>, and the one list that has been setup has had two posts
> (again, AFAIK) in total.

Assuming you mean then I've only just
joined.  The high traffic here recently and my busy week at work means
that I'm lagging a bit.  Expect things to pick up some time soon.
There does seem to be a need for such an organisation, as my searching
for a suitable UK associate organisation for FSFE over the last few
months has proved fruitless.

Let's start trying to drive matters forward in the UK.  I haven't
noticed anyone telling uk.comp.os.linux or UKLUGs about it yet and
that seems to be where many UK FS people are living for now.


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