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Sun May 13 14:20:54 UTC 2001

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PILCH Hartmut writes:
 > >
 > > 	Hi,
 > >
 > > 	I'd like to contribute a calendar of past and future events
 > > related to Software Patents to I wanted this
 > > information and could not find it on the website.
 > Great idea!
 > > 	I'll start doing this right away but wanted to send you a
 > > note in case something similar was on the way.
 > Someone on the cc-ed lists has been planning to produce a card game with
 > some nice swpat pictures.  But it seems he didn't get very far yet.

	I should have not said calendar but agenda :-) Here is the
first draft I produced:

	The XML source is at

	I have a few questions related to this:

	- Except for the 1st september 2001 milestone, I was not 
	  able to find out what are the next events that should be
	  watched. Could you point me to a document that list them ?
	- I've not been able to spot documents related to lobbying
	  activity except: petition, consultation, jp smets reports
	  (where can I find an history of what happened with this
	   document ?). Anyone could, in theory, get an appointment
	  with EU officials on the subject of Software Patents. Did
	  someone do that ? Where can I find a history of such lobbying

	- How can I integrate the agenda I built into ?
	  Is it desirable, useless, too complex, not important ?

	- I found here and there references to official positions 
	  taken by european governments on the subject of Software Patents
	  but I could not find pointers giving proofs of such positions.
	  Could you point to a specific document ? 


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