[ox] [Fwd: Re: Logo timeline]

Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller sloyment at gmx.net
Thu May 10 18:09:17 UTC 2001


> Von: josX <joshb at xs4all.nl>
> An: discussion at fsfeurope.org

> Draft:
> This material is hereby released to the public.  It is not allowed
> [...] he too must not [...]  It is not allowed [...] 
> It is not allowed [...]
> Nobody should ever be forced to use this material[...]
> Modifications on this material should also be released to the
> public, [...] 

What kind of "license" is that??? Literally read, it does not allow 
anything, but forbids a lot of crap, and forces the licensee to at 
least release two modifications to the public... :o)))


PS: FSFE-guys, please CC replies to me, I am not on the list...

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