Why T-shirts are essential.

Lars Weber me at lars.in-berlin.de
Thu May 10 21:19:52 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Lord" == Lord Alistair Davidson, part time deity <lord_inh at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

  Lord> Every time someone sees our logo, be it on a website or a letterhead or
  Lord> a tshirt, that reinforces our brand in their minds. It's like
  Lord> advertising. T-shirts are advertising that not only pays for itself, but
  Lord> is potentially a source of revenue for us! (albeit a limited one next to
  Lord> donations etc)

Personally, I don't think it is good to think in terms of "marketing" or
"advertising" here.  If T-shirts are designed, they should be designed for
the people that are going to wear them.

Wearing a T-shirt with a logo from something that one believes in is a
good way to show other people that one does so.  But first you have to be
able to identify yourself with what's on the shirt.


PS: Wearing a "Typing GNU" shirt right now ;-)

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