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WDS wdesmet at yucom.be
Thu May 10 18:56:00 UTC 2001

> In fact, your position fits quite well to that of M$. They would
> also like to see free software restricted to hobby projects and kept
> out of anything related to money -- then their dominance would not
> be threatened. And they'd surely like if only the very idealistic
> would be "allowed" to write free software -- then there would be
> much less free software for them to worry about. Of course, they
> also like to pay people not for writing free software (but
> proprietary software). Surely they'd like to have us believe we
> can't influence politicians -- so they can do it more easily. And
> they probably also like to see this "infighting" going on here. So I
> think you're making the M$ spies that certainly monitor this list
> very happy.
Someone had to say this.


Hmm, where did I leave that pgp-sig

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