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Ludovic PENET lpenet at cubicsoft.com
Thu May 10 16:29:28 UTC 2001

> But then again: am I really that radical when almost all software is
> given away for nothing, and almost all free-hackers do it for the fun
> of writing and the knowledge people can use it for free ?
Yes you are because all software is not for a wide audience. A lot of
software is dedicated to a client or to a very small set of clients. I
already have enough difficulties to convince my bosses that we should use
free software and contribute when the contribution is not our "added value";
I may have a lot of difficulties to explain that, from now, we will decode
frames from tibetan stations for our favorite client "for fun" and will sell
hot dogs to make a living. :-)

A licence type such as you describe it would only convince people to use
commercial software, therefore paying for things as common to everyone as an
XML parser, or to develop proprietary system fitting their own narrow minded
goals with limited testing.
I definitely do not like this perspective.

Of course, what I wrote above lacks the IMHO in every sentence, please add
it. :-)

Best regards,


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