FSF->beards(); FSF->female_participants();

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at bruning.demon.nl
Thu May 10 14:10:20 UTC 2001

Wow, guess I proved it with a case in point, all by accident. :-)
Isn't life wonderful? 

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Frederico [ISO-8859-1] Muñoz wrote:

> Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) wrote:
> > (...)
> > void FSF::female_participants() {
> > (...)
> > 
> >   In any case, this does seem to indicate that woman should definately be
> >   able to programme. I would think that this should be *especially* true
> >   in the case of Free Software, where intuition, communication, and social
> >   skills are very important.
> > 
> >   So why aren't there more female free software programmers?
> > }
> Eh, the problem is, by relating intutition, communication and social 
> skills you have made a discriminating remark ;)

You have a point! Let me rephrase that: 

PC version:  There a question of perception by some people certain areas
of expertise in which they may or may not feel that they may or may not be
capable of, depending on the people in question. 

The subject area in question is actually quite suited to all persons of
all ages, sexes, races, persuasions, and other groups, catagories or even
non-catagories mentioned or not mentioned here.

These subjects or areas of expertise should be revealed to be as all
inclusive as they really are.

Executive summary:

Human beings can programme. Why don't we just tell everyone? ;-)

read you soon,
	Kim Bruning


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