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Christian Selig christian at newopenness.de
Sun May 6 14:34:12 UTC 2001


Frederico Muñoz wrote:
> Eh, the problem is, by relating intutition, communication and social
> skills you have made a discriminating remark ;)
> I saw this happen on debian-devel, the answer from the women was "Do you
> think you have included every stereotype known?".
> Bottom line: trying to say the women can program because they have this
> special skills makes the argument that men can
> code better because they have the "intelectual, rational, algorithmic"
> skills...

I have read quite a lot about psychology, sociology, biology and the
sciences in between (sociobiology).

The topic is very complex and discussing such a topic on a mailing list
is IMHO inappropriate. If you're really interested in that kind of
stuff, I can highly recommend "Why men don't listen and women can't read
maps" by Barbara and Allan Pease. It is written in an understandable
language for people without scientific background and non-native


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