FSF->beards(); FSF->female_participants();

Frederico Muñoz fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org
Thu May 10 13:29:49 UTC 2001

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) wrote:

> (...)
> void FSF::female_participants() {
> (...)
>   In any case, this does seem to indicate that woman should definately be
>   able to programme. I would think that this should be *especially* true
>   in the case of Free Software, where intuition, communication, and social
>   skills are very important.
>   So why aren't there more female free software programmers?
> }

Eh, the problem is, by relating intutition, communication and social 
skills you have made a discriminating remark ;)

I saw this happen on debian-devel, the answer from the women was "Do you 
think you have included every stereotype known?".

Bottom line: trying to say the women can program because they have this 
special skills makes the argument that men can
code better because they have the "intelectual, rational, algorithmic" 

I know what you meant and I even agree with you, but most women would 
complain at that remark; that's why I just say:
if there aren't any more women is because they don't want to join, 
period; this is simplistic, and one could go into
Freudian and sociological explanations that could tell a lot, but at 
least I don't risk getting flammed :)

Best Regards,


Frederico S. Muñoz
fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org

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