Why T-shirts are essential.

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at bruning.demon.nl
Thu May 10 09:11:43 UTC 2001

I think I have the job part down pat now.

The one thing that would have *really really* helped get me a job ohhh
months ago would have been a nice FSF T-Shirt or Polo. It helps when you
can show people something, and tell them "See? I'm an
FSFE-type {associated, friendly, compatible, member} person."

So why is this useful? Well, it's a bit psychological really. It's a big
difference if you walk in wearing a T-shirt which clearly states what
you're at from the start. It's a good starting point for conversation for 

Another reason T-shirts are essential? You can't take any kind of
Hacker-level initiative very seriously unless they hand out T-shirts. If
you look at it this way, the whole mess with Anjas art is really terrible!

read you soon,
	Kim Bruning

You have the capacity to learn from mistakes.  You'll learn a lot

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