E L Tonkin py7elt at bath.ac.uk
Wed May 9 21:02:32 UTC 2001

On Wed, 9 May 2001, WDS wrote:

> > * What about your average idiot, who thinks Windows is complicated? 
> <sarcasm>
> Wow, you'll really get these people to switch to free software by calling
> them
> the "average idiot".
> </sarcasm>
> Try being constructive for a change like the core team is doing.

Tell you what: YOU try being constructive. Answer the question you were so
fetchingly sarcastic about - and the other twenty you ignored ;-)

Yours in politically incorrect phraseology,


BTW: FYI, the 'For Dummies' textbook series are bestsellers, strongly
suggesting that public opinion is firmly on the side of plain speaking.

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